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Leading electric vehicle charging service

Parking Energy is a leading pioneer of electric vehicle charging. Thanks to our simple and scalable charging solution, we make sustainable transportation services possible for all electric vehicle drivers, housing companies and businesses. Connect and charge, and we will handle the rest.

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Comprehensive charging solution

We deliver charging systems affordably and easily to housing companies, businesses and public spaces.

Solution for housing companies

Easily scalable

Increase the number of charging points according to demand. When charging opportunities increase, so does the value of the property.

Solution for companies

Unique connector system

A quick and easy solution suited for all charging needs.

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Easy, affordable and scalable

With Parking Energy’s solution, electric vehicle charging systems are made effortlessly available to housing companies, businesses and builders.

1. Easy ordering

  • Two separate contracts are made between the customer and Parking Energy.
  • A contract for the implementation of charging services at the agreed location.
  • A contract for the use and invoicing of the power grid.

2. Quick installation

  • Parking Energy will install the cables if needed.
  • Parking Energy connectors will be installed at the parking spaces, after which
    they are ready for charging.
  • The user can buy or lease a charging point.

3. Effortless usage

  • We meter the electricity used and invoice it to the agreed party (e.g. the parking
    space user).
  • We record for the property the corresponding euro amount of electricity consumed.
  • We are responsible for the functionality and maintenance of the charging points.

Housing companies

An easy, cost-effective and smart solution through which housing companies can effortlessly offer electric vehicle charging to each of their residents. We will take care of installing and maintaining the system, customer service, and electricity invoicing.

Solution for housing companies


The need for public charging stations increases as electric vehicles become more common. A charging station is one way of serving customers and staff. When charging opportunities increase, so does the value of the property and the attractiveness of electric vehicle usage for the end user.

Solution for companies

Benefits of a charging system


Parking Energy’s connector system scales easily according to demand.

  • There is no need to know the future usage needs in advance
  • Adaptable solution as charging technology develops


Our solution, based on charging readiness, is more cost-effective than the traditional cabling solution and its ready charging points.

  • It is usually possible to use already existing cables and outdoor electrical outlets.
  • Targeting costs is easier between different parties.

Easy to use

Our services include everything you need: charging station delivery, invoicing, repair and maintenance.

  • User-specific identification and invoicing of electricity used.
  • Automatic compensation for the property administrator.
  • Management works the same way in different types of use cases.