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Frequently asked questions

Common questions

No. The driver who has ordered our charging service pays for their own charging device, the installation costs of the charging point, service fees and the electricity they use.

The housing company/property determines the price of electricity. The user pays Parking Energy for the electricity used and Parking Energy compensates the invoices from electricity providers to the housing company/property. The user is identified at the charging point using an NFC tag. The tag is delivered to the user in connection with the installation of the charging point. The tag can also be ordered here free of charge.

Yes. The charging devices are installed at one’s own expense, and the electricity used is compensated to the housing company/property.

The housing company/property is responsible for their own electrical infrastructure, including outdoor electrical outlets and car heating poles. Charging devices are the responsibility of Parking Energy.

Invoicing and contract

The service fee is invoiced once per month, if the invoice threshold is met.

The kWh price of electricity is determined by the housing company. Parking Energy charges an additional invoice fee (€0.02/kWh, incl. VAT), which is paid by the resident.

The duration of the contract is 12 months, after which it will remain valid indefinitely with a notice period of one month.

The contract can be terminated by providing a written notice via email to the address or via post to Parking Energy Oy, Itälahdenkatu 18 A, 00210 Helsinki. After the fixed term of one year, the operating contracts of housing companies have a notice period of three months, and drivers’ charging service have one month (note the full calendar month, i.e. a service terminated on 15 March will end on 30 April).

Parking Energy owns the leased devices, but all other infrastructure, including the outdoor electrical outlets, are owned by the housing company/property.

Devices are delivered at latest within 2 months, but usually within days. We will confirm a more specific delivery date within two weeks of ordering.

Outdoor electrical outlets, charging devices and electrical installation work has a guarantee of two years.

Parking Energy is responsible for the functionality of the charging devices and will repair any damage to them within two weekdays of receiving a notice of the issue. However, Parking Energy is not liable for damage arising from vandalism or possible misuse.

If the outdoor electrical outlet breaks during the warranty period, its manufacturer is responsible for repairing any possible faults provided they are not the result of vandalism or misuse.

Electrical system

Yes, it is. Electric vehicle charging cables are equipped with limiters, which automatically limit the charging current to a safe level. Parking Energy’s charging devices also have active heat control, which will shut off the power automatically if the temperature is at risk of rising too high.

It takes about 3–4 hours to charge an equivalent of a distance of about 50 km. A such, it is possible to charge for nearly 200 km worth of distance overnight (10–12 hours).

As a rule, electric vehicles are sufficiently charged overnight, which means that they are no longer adding load to the electrical grid in the morning when the heating of cars with internal combustion engines begins.

Using a charging point

Parking Energy has a partner network that spans all of Finland, which installs our devices. Request a quote via email at

Our service has a customer-specific starting fee and delivery fee, the amount of which depends on location. Our service is available everywhere in Finland.

There is a monthly operating fee (€5/month) for Parking Energy’s charging devices and a usage fee, if the device is leased.

The kWh price of electricity is determined by the housing company/property. Parking Energy’s additional invoice fee is €0.02/kWh (incl. VAT), which is paid by the driver.

Parking Energy’s customer service can be reached via email at or tel. 0400 528 166.

You can register as a user through the iOS, Android and web applications. Download the Parking Energy application from Google Play or the App Store.

Yes. After you have registered and started using the service, the device will identify you automatically and invoices will be sent to the address you have indicated. Please note that the price of electricity may vary between different Parking Energy charging points. You can find our public charging points using the Parking Energy mobile application.

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