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Easy and carefree charging

With our comprehensive charging solution, housing companies can offer electric vehicle charging to each of their residents. We will take care of installing system, metering, maintenance, and electricity invoicing.

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Charging solution for all parties

Our comprehensive charging solution is fair and equal for all of the residents and shareholders of the housing company.

Fair distribution of costs

In the Parking Energy model, the housing company pays for cabling and the users pay for the charging devices and electricity.

An easy solution

Parking Energy’s charging system does not add a burden to the daily lives of the property manager or the housing company’s Board. We will take care of maintaining the system.

Award-winning connector system

With the help of connectors, we ensure the charging readiness of parking spaces already during the installation phase. Installing the charging device itself to the connector takes mere minutes. Charging devices can be added or removed according to need at any time. The connector keeps the charging readiness up to date, without the commitment to devices which will become obsolete.

Our service model for housing companies

Parking Energy makes readiness for electric vehicle charging easier than ever and more affordable for housing companies. Our service model enables a fair and easy electric vehicle charging solution for all parties.

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Commissioning the charging system in housing companies

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1. Parking Energy will install charging capability for electric vehicles in the housing company’s parking spaces.

Charging capability means that a charging device can be added to the parking space at a later date.

In addition, the system to be installed at the housing company can be used to meter the individual energy use of residents, as well as the cost of electricity.

2. The customer can get a charging device for their parking space if they wish

The housing company makes an operating contract with Parking Energy, after which residents can independently order a charging device and begin using it.

Thanks to the connector technology, installing a charging point takes mere minutes.

3. Parking Energy offers a comprehensive service

The housing company does not need to worry about installation, maintenance, device repair, contracts or invoicing. Parking Energy takes care of all of this for the housing company.

The operating contract is free of charge for the housing company and also includes an automatic compensation for the electricity used by drivers for charging to the housing company.