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Commissioning survey

During the preliminary charging system commissioning survey, our experts will look into the requirements for installing charging points in the parking area. What is the readiness level of the parking area, the current state of electrical cabling, and the sufficiency of capacity for electric vehicles?


The information gained from the preliminary survey will provide the owners of the property, the housing company’s Board and the property manager a good foundation for making the decision to order an electric vehicle charging solution for the property.

The survey will go over:

  • The condition of the switchboard and the sizes of the fuses
  • The amount of available electrical capacity
  • The condition of the car heating poles and outdoor electrical outlets
  • The cabling, connection methods and wiring
  • Addition needs

At the end of the survey, a general assessment of the area’s suitability for electric vehicle charging will be made.

Price of the survey: €496.00 (incl. VAT) + travel costs

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