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Charging electric vehicles in housing companies

With Parking Energy’s comprehensive and scalable charging solution, housing companies can offer the opportunity for electric vehicle charging easily and cost-effectively to each of their residents.

Comprehensive solution for electric vehicle charging

The electric vehicle charging solution offered by Parking Energy as a turnkey service is an effortless choice for housing companies. We will take care of installing and maintaining the system, customer service, and electricity invoicing.

Cost efficient

Parking Energy’s service model is a cost effective solution for housing companies. The housing company only pays for the charging readiness and installation of the connectors in the parking area.

The residents pay for the charging devices and electricity they use. We take care of invoicing for the housing company.


Parking Energy’s charging solution is a fair choice for the residents of the housing company. The costs arising from charging electric vehicles only affect those residents who use the service.

Thanks to the scalable system and connectors, each driver has the opportunity to get their own charging device for their parking space at whatever point it is needed.

As a cloud service

All information related to Parking Energy’s charging system is stored in the cloud. Through our mobile application, each charging point user can monitor the electricity used for charging their vehicle in real time.

Using the system installed for housing companies, the housing company can, for example, monitor the power consumption and invoicing of the residents’ parking spaces.

Charging devices for purchase or lease

Residents can either purchase or lease charging devices from Parking Energy. In the lease model, the driver of the electric vehicle only pays for the installation of the device and the electricity used, in addition to an affordable monthly fee. The charging device’s connector makes installation, switching or removal very quick.

Parking Energy is responsible for the functionality of the leased devices and, if needed, their maintenance. All of the charging devices we deliver are subject to constant remote monitoring.

As charging technology develops, old devices can be upgraded to the latest ones easily and affordably.

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Our service model for housing companies

Parking Energy makes readiness for electric vehicle charging easier than ever and more affordable for housing companies. Our service model enables a fair and easy electric vehicle charging solution for all parties.

Benefits of the system


Parking Energy’s connector system scales easily according to demand.

  • There is no need to know the future usage needs in advance
  • Adaptable solution as charging technology develops


Our solution, based on charging readiness, is more cost-effective than the traditional cabling solution and its ready charging points..

  • It is usually possible to use already existing cables and outdoor electrical outlets.
  • Targeting costs is easier between different parties.

Easy to use

Our services include everything you need: charging station delivery, invoicing, repair and maintenance.

  • User-specific identification and invoicing of electricity used.
  • Automatic compensation for the property administrator.
  • Management works the same way in different types of use cases.

The right charging device for drivers

Parking Energy has a comprehensive range of various electric vehicle charging devices for the different needs of properties and users. Our unique connector system makes the quick and cost-effective installation and maintenance of charging devices possible.

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