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Smart load levelling

Smart electricity load levelling makes it possible for even an old electricity system to be updated for electric vehicle charging without the need for an expensive renovation.

This way, housing companies can have multiple charging points without overloading their electricity connection.

With Parking Energy’s smart electricity load levelling system, charging happens at full power whenever the property’s capacity allows it. As demand increases, the system limits the vehicles’ charging power evenly and each vehicle will receive power within the bounds of the given capacity.

The peak in electricity consumption typically occurs in the evenings for residential houses when people return home from work, and conversely when people come to work for other properties. A smart electricity load levelling system can limit the charging of electric vehicles during consumption peaks. For electric vehicle drivers, however, the important thing is that the battery is recharged in the morning or at the end of the work day.


  • The housing company’s electricity connection will not be overloaded even if all charging points are in use.
  • It is possible to safely charge electric vehicles even with an older electricity connection.
  • The smart system provides all vehicles being charged with an equal amount of power.

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